Terms & Conditions


A 50% deposit is required to reserve your session time once the “Agreement” is signed.  The balance is due before or at the beginning of the session. 24 hour notice is required for cancellations. If a cancellation falls within the 24 hour window, a 40% of the total fee is required. Payment is non-refundable. Cash, bank check, Cash App , and PayPal payments are accepted. Images are delivered after payment has cleared my account. If cash, 7-10 days to deliver final images.


Expenses include, but not limited to, event ticket (or guest list) and parking, airline tickets, car rental, assistant(s); styling and/ or make-up, props, locational rental as requested by you (discussed in advance and billed at cost +10%); and travel beyond 25 miles/30 minutes from home. Additional travel is charged by distance & hour. All expenses will be discussed and agreed upon in writing upon prior to the session.


All images are available in various sizes as prints and custom framing. Please contact me for rates.

Copyright & Credit:

Connie Cambardella, ConCam Photography, and www.Conniepix.com retain the copyright to all photographs.

Implicit to any user/licensing agreement is the user/licensee’s agreement to credit the owner of the copyright whenever any image is used. No copyright or intellectual property is transferred at any point to the user/licensee.

The user/licensee agrees to credit Connie Cambardella, ConCam Photography in a reasonable manner whenever the image is printed, posted on any social media, or displayed with this text: Connie Cambardella, ConCam Photography and or @Con_Cam.

If possible, the licensee will provide a link to my website: www.Conniepix.com

Promotional Vs. Commercial Use:

Upon agreement, Connie Cambardella, ConCam Photography may grant usage of photographs to an individual(s) for web or print applications, for Promotional Purposes only. Promotional purposes include web sites, press kits, flyers, posters, and promotional CD/DVD artwork. These images are not for commercial use and use is not transferable.


Record labels, publishers, and management company usage can be negotiated at any time. All commercial usage must be agreed upon by me, Connie Cambardella..the photographer prior to use; should you not adhere to the usage stipulations, then the penalties applicable to infringement of copyright law will apply.

Commercial Use:

Commercial use includes, but not limited to, commercial advertising, selling of photographs, merchandise, books, catalogs, and albums. Usage fees are based on specific uses, size, placement, and circulation. If you are interested in using my images for advertising or commercial purposes, please contact me for pricing and terms.


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